Some Concerns as I Start my OT Journey

I started writing this post a few weeks ago, at a point when I was feeling fairly energetic.  It's easy to get carried away when the energy comes, establishing micro-routines that make me feel like a really functional person, and then crash physically and emotionally when I'm unwell.  Before I managed to type this out, I caught a summer flu of some kind, and it knocked me out for several days.  Because I have CFS, there's also the double whammy of taking longer to recover from illness and becoming more deconditioned while I'm recovering.  It can be really demoralising.

Back to the present, we're now in the middle of induction week, and I had been trying to treat myself really well and listen to my CFS nurse's guidance in order to be able to crack through.  I'm on a 4-year course that is 2 days a week on campus, but induction week involves FIVE days of schlepping into London.  For someone like me, it's a bit of a baptism by fire.  Emotionally, things ar…

Thinking About Accessibility As I Begin My Blog

It can be hard to step outside one's sensory bubble.  If, like me, you have had all of your senses more or less working according to spec since forever, it can be hard to see what you're not seeing--and in the context of this blog post that includes seeing that others may not see what you see.  See?

Someone on Facebook had shared a link to Carly Findlay's post on image descriptions as one method of making the internet more accessible for those with vision difficulties.  I thought this was great as I hadn't even considered doing so before--I had not seen the utility because it was not directly relevant to my own lived experience.

Carly is a well-known appearance activist who specialises in educating people about what life is like for those who appear visibly different.  She writes on a range of subjects as well; I also appreciated her writing 9 Ways to Make Your Blog More Accessible For People With Disabilities.

Reading through her list, the first item has to do with r…


Hello citizens of the internet!

I imagine you're here because either you have a personal interest in occupational therapy education or because I know you personally and have hassled you to come visit and give me some feedback.

Most of my key facts and stats can be found on the About Me page at top left.  My intention with some of these first posts is to talk about some of my hopes, fears, concerns, enthusiasms, etc. before university starts properly in a couple of weeks.  I also hope to post about issues pertaining to occupational therapy that I find interesting; as the months and years pass I will quite probably find it amusing to revisit some of these early musings and note how much I mature in my knowledge and analyses and how my perspectives change.

I would love to hear from other OT students around the world, and of course would treasure any advice from those already practicing.  Please feel free to send me a friendly message if the spirit moves you.

Very much looking forward…